A man can make a difference…..

You may not be perfect,

You may not be ideal,

You may not be rich,

You may not be a favourite,

You may be far off from where you wanted to be


You can make a difference in lives by…

Offering help to a blind while crossing street,

Paying someone’s school fees,

Planting a seed,

Feeding a hungry being,

Making people laugh,

Give a thing, in case you have it,


you can definitely be a good human.


Zinda hai woh….

Kehne ko zinda hai ,par zindagi kahan hai,
Saans leti saikdon laashon ka jahan hai,

Zimmedari ka bahana kar log khudgarz ho gaye,
Zinda hai woh jo aauro ke liye befikri se kharch ho gaye,
Doosron ko koskar, jee rahe hai log mann masoskar,
Zinda hai woh jo auro ka sochkar mushkilon se ladh rahe hai.. mann ko thos kar,
Log wajah dhundhte hai Kuch nahi karne ki,
Zinda hai woh jo himmat karte hai kuch kar guzarne ki,

Yahan kehne ko azaadi hai,
Par yeh majbooron ki abaadi hai ,
Koi faisla nahi karna chahta,
Har pal marna kabool hai,
Koi ek baar marna nahi chahta,

Magar Zinda hai woh jinhone jeene ka faisla kiya hai,
doosron ko bhi jeene ka hausla diya hai…..

Magic of poetry – 3

Birds weave a tune on powered poles,

Train emerges from the dark holes,

Shadow moves with no imprints,

Night had a bit of moon for dinner it seems,

Sun doughs the mud in rains to bake a cake in summers,

The long runs make heart and breath jam like drummers,

Mind thinks, brain remembers,

Seems like worries and memories are life members,

Words settle themselves or a pen puts them in place,

Every line houses a bit of space…

A return ticket…

Sitting by the window I saw…

Trees running past, cables moving like a reel with no loops,

Felt like a hurricane rushing through,

But with a return ticket to home in the evening..

Wish life could offer me a return ticket in time,

To wipe those tears before relations drowned,

To tap those shoulders before they walked away,

To hold onto that promise before excuse was bargained,

To create a pause before things and thoughts confused..