Happy new year

Kuch ghanto pehle 2018 se mulaqat khatm hui,
Aisa laga jaise koi mera 365 sawaalon ka exam paper, 12 bajte hi haath se le Gaya.
Kuch jawaab mann mein hi reh gaye …
Aur ab ek kori kitaab saamne rakhi hui hai …
Jisme 365 panne hai …
Kya mujhe azaadi hai kuch bhi likhne ki..
Ya sawaal pehle se tay hai ,bas panne palatne ki Der hai…
Chalo waqt ki raeth mein anmol lamhe dhundhne ki chahat ko zinda rakhte hue 2019 se mulaqat kare.


Who am I??

I am…
Something you left behind
Something you fail to find
Beyond your imagination but beneath your emotions
A bit lost amid pre conceived notions
In your first breath as well as the last
Its here N now , with you busy searching me in the past
A simple tie up of breath and beat, still u fumble in performing such a simple feat
Not a puzzle, still u have no clue,
All pray for me, but am not valued by you
Not knowing how I might turn out
U swing amid greed and worry cribbing abt the burn out……..

I am life….